Trailer Axles & Wheels

The Trailer Factory warehouse stock an extensive range of high quality and durable trailer axles and wheels.


Trailer Axles

Our trailer axles are manufactured from duraflex steel, which is formulated to cope with flexing. It is wise to invest in quality for longer lasting durability and strengh and avoid cheaper pipe axles. We recommend that Trailer Axles be maintained annually if used regularly and applying grease every few months as this will reduce rust and ensure you get maximum usage on your trailer axles.

Trailer Jockey wheels

The Trailer Factory stock a variety of jockey wheels that aid the manoeuvring of an unhitched trailer. Standard lengths include 6, 8 and 10 inch, with quick release or clamp mounts. Trailer wheels / Jockey wheels are available in domestic and commercial ratings.

Trailer Rims

A variety of alloy, white and galvanised trailer rims with or without tyres are available.